Wine market research & brand strategy solutions.

Our Philosophy


We believe consumer-centric business are more profitable.

Our is aim to provide high quality and customised consumer and brand strategy solutions for the

optimal wine experience.


About us

Dr. Nadia van der Colff, Managing Director of Consumer Solutions is an expert in consumer behaviour with more than 10 years' experience doing consumer research. Nadia previously consulted on consumer trends to Standard Bank AgriBusiness clients and supervised post-graduate students on consumer behaviour and research. 

Nadia obtained a PhD Agric from Stellenbosch University, completing one of the largest studies investigating South African wine consumers' retail purchase behaviour. Nadia is one of only a few South Africans that published as first author in the International Journal of Wine Business Research.

Nadia van der Colff

PhD. Agric

M. Consumer Science cum laude

B. Consumer Science (Food)

Client testimonial

“Dr Nadia van der Colff, expert in the field of consumer behaviour, presented us with an insightful and valuable workshop. She answered all our questions on the specific subject with great enthusiasm, kept the session interesting and brought up good examples. Dr Nadia took this challenge and came up with very good ideas and input. The meeting was very productive and we interacted a lot. She is an expert in her field and really knows what she is talking about and can give helpful input when a questioned is asked.”

The only wine-specific consumer consulting business in South Africa.

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