At Consumer Solutions, we:

  • Think the best wine is a sold and consumed wine! 

  • Believe consumer-centric businesses are more profitable and target market needs and expectations should be at the heart of all product and business decisions.

  • Offer an integrated approach to ensure that the total wine experience, including the sensory, brand and packaging attributes, delivers according to consumer expectations. 

  • Add value by enhancing your wine brand through data-driven consumer solutions thereby increasing profitability.

  • Custom design solutions according to your needs.

Founder and Managing Director of Consumer Solutions,

Dr. Nadia van der Colff has more than ten years of experience doing research on South African consumers, specialising in point-of-purchase buyer behaviour. She holds a PhD (Wine Biotechnology) from Stellenbosch University which was one of the largest studies amongst the South African wine market. Her research has been widely published and presented on both academic and popular platforms and she previously consulted to large clients such as Standard Bank AgriBusiness on consumer trends.

Dr. Nadia van der Colff

PhD (Wine Biotechnology)

M. Consumer Science (cum laude)

B. Consumer Science


Wine consumer market and sensory research


Providing actionable

insights to improve

market share


Specialist input from a consumer expert, oenologist and sensory scientist


Interactive workshops on consumers' wine buying behaviour and trends