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Thesis Coaching

We offer thesis coaching services to post-graduate Masters and MBA students. Get thesis coaching for a stress-free thesis journey!


See our packages, testimonials, frequently asked questions and promise below.



Help with:

Idea formulation.

Development of Research objectives.

Draft research proposal (headings only).

Basics of Academic writing.

Example of a good and not so good paragraph.

Research software tools & referencing.

Thesis structure.

2 x Zoom consultations.

1 x Feedback on research proposal using track changes .

All-inclusive @ R 7500 (max 8 hours)



Help with:

Research methodology chapter aka the backbone of your thesis.

Choice of research approach, data collection & data analysis tools.

Survey design.

Consent forms.


2 x Zoom consultations.

1 x Feedback on research methodology chapter using track changes .

All inclusive @ R6500 (max 7 hours)

*Examiner ready package

Help with:

Structure of thesis to get it examiner ready

R850 / hour.

*Only candidates that previously made use of either the Kickstarter or Backbone packages are allowed access to the Examiner ready package.


Do you write the thesis / dissertation?

No. We help to guide you through the process.

Why do I need your help?

Supervisors often have numerous responsibilities with little time to carefully guide each post-graduate student.

Are you allowed to help university students?

Absolutely, as long as we don't write the thesis, which we do not!

What disciplines do you provide guidance for?

We specialise in Masters degree studies where a survey and/or interviews are used to measure e.g. employee / patient / customer experience and perception. We have experience across a range of disciplines but will make sure that we are able to help you prior to any commitment.

What payment methods do you accept?

EFT. 60% Deposit payable.

Our Promise

Quality and Academic rigor

You have access to a published PhD-holder with experience supervising and examining Masters theses.


A no judgement space to ask all the questions you want! Embarking on academic research can be daunting and we would love to help you in the process!

Personal attention

One-one guidance with limited capacity to ensure optimal input.


"During my modular MBA studies, whilst being a full time employee, Nadia’s assistance with formulating the research question and designing the research methodology proved invaluable.  Her assistance paved the way for me receiving the award for 'Best research assignment in any Master’s degree' at the University of Stellenbosch Business School in 2017."

Masters thesis topic: Perception of leader profiles in the engineering sector.

Method: Survey questionnaire



"As a first-time researcher with mounting work responsibilities, the institutional guidance with regards to the M thesis - the drafting of a proposal, research design and the ultimate submission - was below my expectation. As independent research consultant, Nadia guided me and I am happy to say that I now have an excellent understanding of application. Nadia is highly skilled and able to explain academic material in a manner that is easy to understand and retain. She clarified the process around research methods and -material and was able to create structure so that one will be able to apply these processes to any topic." 

Masters thesis topic: Employee experience of change management in the pharmaceutical industry.

Method: Survey questionnaire

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