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Agriculture, Food, Beverage, Wine & Retail Solutions.

We go beyond delivering only research reports, and work alongside product developers and brand managers, translating consumer insights into growth and innovation. Each project is unique and methods used depend on the problem & insights required.

Our methods

Image by Adeolu Eletu

Consumer Surveys

If you require graphs and numbers to support business decisions, this method is useful.

Image by Charles Deluvio

Consumer Interviews

Interviews are useful to uncover and provide an in-depth understanding about consumers' behaviour.

Woman Baking

In-home product testing

Products are delivered to a Consumer Panel for in-home use and testing.

Champagne Bottle

Brand analysis

Store visits

Competitor analysis

Social media analysis

Target market profiling

Trend analysis & report

Drinking Wine
Image by Maja Petric

Wine Product Development

Consumer & brand strategy

Sensory testing

Oenological solutions


In collaboration with SenseLab and Basic Wine

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