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How South African wine drinkers survived lockdown

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Nobody expected the sales ban to last months

Two thousand seven hundred and seventy four (n=2774) South African wine consumers participated in a Consumer Solutions online survey during the first 2020 alcohol sales ban. Prior to the lockdown, the majority (70.44%) of the wine drinking sample stocked up on wine.

Almost half (48.95%) of the wine drinkers consumed more wine during the first two weeks of the lockdown than their usual average wine consumption. However, in the first week of May 2020, 70% already reported that they did not have enough wine for the duration of the lockdown.

Fine wines and Zoom gatherings

The lockdown period will be one remembered for drinking fine wines. Wines, reserved for special occasions, were savoured by 64.35% of the wine drinking sample. The majority of the sample (62.11%) furthermore reported to have socialised online, sharing a glass of wine with friends or family. However, only a minority (18.42%) of the wine drinkers participated or watched a virtual wine tasting hosted by a winemaker or wine brand ambassador.

Virtual wine tasting improvements

Consumers were asked to indicate the most important aspects of a virtual tasting. Future promotions/discounts, food pairing suggestions, tasting notes and the uniqueness of a wine brand were rated to be more important than technical wine information. Information about the wine-making process was, in fact, rated to be the least important of six attributes measured. In a highly competitive category such as wine, and with people being information fatigued, it is essential to really know your crowd and keep it short, yet interesting! Make sure to adapt your content according to consumer needs and preferences.


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